Nestled in hills of Kobe - Kitano-Cho is a trendy multicultural Wellness Studio - ABUNDANCE. We offer a complete journey that integrates the body, mind and soul through Hatha Yoga, Bollywood Dance, Detox, Healthy and Vegetarian Cooking, Soul Healing and Retreats. Believing we are at our best when both physical and mental health is aligned, Abundance focuses on strengthening and cleansing the body while freeing and calming the mind. Here we provide not just classes, but a community. You will meet people from other cultures, countries and backgrounds which will transform yourself through the experience. With lessons taught simultaneously in English and Japanese, you will feel at home no matter where in the world you are from. Visit us for an experience of overall mindfulness and ABUNDANCE of energy.


Purvi Jhaveri

“My mind, body and soul...Long for more...More celebrations...More life...More connection...” Born in Mumbai and raised in Kobe, Purvi Jhaveri is a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, nutritionist as well as a passionate Bollywood dancer. From her own experiences, she has learnt the importance and healing benefits of Yoga and Meditation. Purvi believes that yoga is for everyone. She encourages every student to embrace their own beautifully unique expression of the practice in a safe and effective way.


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Abundance offers various yoga courses which are designed to recharge your energy, rejuvenate your body and mind and leave you feeling inspired, refreshed and peaceful. Here, you will move vigorously yet at your own pace, whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, young or old, fit or struggling with health problems. Abundance teaches yoga as a complete system for physical, mental and spiritual well-being and shares techniques to cope better with the stresses that life brings, find increased health and connect to inner peace.


There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them! Abundance’s Bollywood Dance classes are empowering, expressive and great workout too! It is impossible not to smile, move your waist and bop your head while dancing to the tunes of Bollywood songs. The captivating moves and highly addictive tunes and expressions are the souls of it. It’s colourful, it’s vibrant, it’s beautiful and it’s infectious.. its Bollywood! Our classes focus on letting loose, relieving stress and freeing yourself from the expectations and pressures of daily life. Let go, have fun and find the expressive person inside just waiting to get out.


Our detox program concentrates on physical well-being to help you feel healthy, purified and complete. Abundance hosts a few days of fun retreats a few times during the year. All the activities and planned vegetarian superfood meals will leave you feeling flushed and clean while staying fully-energized and that will reset your body and heart. Even first-timers will find their to peace of mind during this time. What’s more, you can join the weekly and fortnightly Vegetarian Healthy Cooking Sessions too. Abundance Kitchen will help you to expand your repertoire of vegetarian dishes with an Indian flair. Using spices and ingredients that are readily available here, we will show you how to incorporate vegetarian dishes in your everyday diet. These hands-on cooking lessons also suitable to all levels of experience, from the seasoned cook to a complete beginner and with all the steps explained fully.


The aura is directly connected to physical and mental well-being. If not cleaned and kept well & light, it may attract negative energy which can lead to various physical complications, lifestyle illness and depression. We all carry a lot of past traumas, karmic impressions. In our lives, we all need healing and it’s important to each one of us! With Abundance’s Healing program, we take our effort to balance body and mind many levels deeper by offering cleansing and healing of the space-body. Working with the Indian healer, Dr Devanshi Kapadia, Abundance offers these services 2 to 3 times a year in coordination with retreats incorporating chakra study, yoga, healing, vegetarian diet and relaxing visits to hot springs & power spots. Self-improvement is not easy but your soul will thank you for it! Let us help you and direct you to the multidimensional reality of life!

*Depending on your payment, you will be given a stamp card. And once it gets over, you will receive an acknowledgement in a form of present from Abundance.
*You can choose any given lesson at the Studio.
*Your credit/fees cannot be carried forward to next month and is non-transferable.
*If Abundance cancels a lesson, the fee for that particular lesson will be refunded.


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