Located in Kitano-cho, a trendy multicultural district nestled in the hills of Kobe, Abundance offers a journey in wholeness of body, mind and spirit with services covering yoga, dance, detox, healing and more. Believing we are at our best when both physical and mental health are aligned, Abundance focuses on strengthening and cleansing the body while freeing and calming the mind.
Here, we provide not just classes, but a community. You will meet people from other cultures, countries and backgrounds and transform yourself through the experience. With lessons taught simultaneously in English and Japanese, you will feel at home no matter where you are from. Come for an experience of overall completeness and leave with an abundance of energy and life.

Purvi Jhaveri

“My mind, body and soul...Long for more...More celebrations...More life...More connection...” Born in Mumbai and raised in Kobe, Purvi is a certified yoga instructor and nutritionist as well as a passionate Bollywood dancer. She has obtained 200-hour certificates for yoga teacher training through various yoga institutes, which serve as a technical basis for the style of yoga she has completely innovated and created herself. She is also certified in nutrition. In 2015, Purvi was invited by the Indian Consulate to help organize its International Day of Yoga, in which she still plays an active role , and she has choreographed the Bollywood dance finale for Kobe’s Indian Mela to date.Twice to 3 times a year, she invites the Indian healer Dr. Devanshi Kapadia, with whom she maintains a close relationship, to carry out specialized healing programs for restoring aura. Together they also offer retreats to take your physical and spiritual healing to a deeper level.

“Abundance is all about making one feel abundant with what the universe has to offer.”

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Abundance offers 4 yoga courses to help rejuvenate both body and mind and work towards overall wellness of being. Here, you will move vigorously yet at your own pace, in order to circulate energy throughout the body, eliminate sluggishness and calm the mind. Let yoga restore and rejuvenate you both inside and out.


Abundance’s dance courses cover a range of styles from Bollywood to tribal healing and sensual forms. A passionate believer in the liberating power of dance, Purvi’s classes focus on letting loose, relieving stress and freeing yourself from the expectations and pressures of daily life. Let go, have fun and find the expressive person inside just waiting to get out.


Our detox program concentrates on physical well-being to help you feel healthy, purified and complete. Available by group bookings or during special periods, this program combines Abundance’s various services with a monitored, completely vegetarian diet of super foods to leave you feeling flushed and clean while staying fully-energized and alert. By clearing the body of impurities, you will lose inches off your waist and be one step closer to an overall-balanced lifestyle. What’s more, you’ll look great too!


The aura is directly connected to physical and mental well-being. If not cleansed and kept transparent, it may attract negative energy which can lead to various physical complications such as lifestyle diseases and depression. With Abundance’s Healing program, we take our effort to balance body and mind one level deeper by offering cleansing and healing of the space-body. Working with the Indian healer, Dr. Devanshi Kapadia, Abundance offers these services 2 to 3 times a year in coordination with retreats incorporating chakra study, yoga, healing, vegetarian diet and relaxing visits to hot springs. Come experience total purification of body, mind and soul.

*Depending on your payment, you will be given a monthly credit. You can choose any given lesson at the Studio.
*Your credit cannot cross between months and cannot be passed on to another person.
*If Abundance cancels a lesson due to its own reason the fee for that particular one lesson will be given back.
*If a student is unable to finish the credits he/she has paid for, for that particular month the fee is non transferable to the next month.


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