Vitamins for the soul






Vitamins for the soul

Do you ever wake up in need of a little pep talk, regardless of your age? These words are like vitamins for the soul. Just as we nourish our bodies, we also need to nourish our souls. Personally, I find joy in writing and reading small quotes, and occasionally creating my own. I hope these words can bring you the same sense of goodness and inspiration.

Be Lighthearted:

As you choose to trust your vibes in life, it is important to be both lighthearted and serious in your commitment. Remember to see the humor behind all things-lighten up and do not take yourself or anything you face too seriously, but do take your vibes seriously.

Simply Listen:

Listening to your vibes is an art, and it takes practice. Practice listening to your vibes by simply listening. Just for today, when people speak to you give them your full and undivided attention. And before you respond, listen to your heart and give it your full undivided attention. Doing so will open all kinds of new roads, both to others and to your spirit.

Let go and complete the past so that your soul can lead you forward.

Wake up your spirit:

The easiest way to trust your vibes is to wake up your spirit. This means getting out of your head and being receptive to all the Divine assistance you have available from higher planes. Do not get stuck in a five sensory way of life, focused on the ego and based in fear. Instead, step out of the box and begin living the six sensory life today, focused on your creative purpose and authentic expression.