Follow your DREAMS


  1. 一人で過ごす準備をしましょう。
  2. たとえ他人に笑われても、あなた自身が動じないように気持ちを準備しておきましょう。
  3. 疑いに遭遇する準備をしておきましょう。
  4. 批判に備えましょう。
  5. 誤解に備えましょう。
  6. 一部の人とは別れることを覚悟してください。

When you are serious about pursuing your dream:

1. Be prepared to spend time alone - Embrace "me time," self-love, and kindness while navigating feelings of being unheard and misunderstood. The breakthrough is truly empowering.

2. Be prepared to face laughter - Despite family, friends , society members laughing at you at times, stay true to your path.

3. Be prepared to encounter doubt - Even when self-doubt creeps in, persist in pursuing what you believe in each day.

4. Be prepared for criticism - Friends and society may criticize you, but let it strengthen your resolve as a strong woman.

5. Be prepared for misunderstanding - Your thoughts and words may be misinterpreted, but stay true to yourself and your decisions.

6. Be prepared to part ways with some people - It's natural for different interests and wavelengths to lead to parting ways, so respect each individual's journey.