Eliminating the Cause of Pain|人生の痛みをへらす


人生において、あらゆる喜びや喜びの真っ只中には、必ず悲しみという代償を払わなければなりません。ヨガの言葉では、これを『サンスカーラ ドゥカ』と呼びます。同じ幸福を繰り返し求め続けると、喜びの記憶が苦痛になります。





Eliminating the Cause of Pain

In life, amidst all the pleasures and joys, there is always a price to pay - sorrow. In the yogic language, this is referred to as Sanskara Dukha, where memories of pleasure become painful as we constantly seek the same happiness repeatedly.

A wise individual perceives everything as painful, as the soul yearns for freedom. Therefore, while living in this world, it is essential to master the art of detachment. We must learn to enjoy the pleasures of life without becoming attached, for one day they will inevitably come to an end, and the desire for them will persist.

To truly understand others, we must first understand our own minds. Take the time to explore and familiarize yourself with your own thoughts and emotions. Only then can you begin to comprehend and empathize with the minds of others.

Regularly detach yourself from everything around you. Take moments to step back and observe yourself from a distance, allowing for introspection and self-reflection.

Viveka, another yogic concept, emphasizes the importance of enjoying the world while never forgetting your true self. You are not defined by the material world; you exist beyond it. While creation can bring pleasure, it can also provide relief. Prioritize self-discovery before attempting to understand others.